Why online?

Language Link’s online teaching programs have been designed to offer students the opportunity to learn russian right from the convenience of their very own homes, offices and/ or other venues. built around the best in online learning resources, Language Link is able to offer students the flexibility of online learning while preserving teaching quality.

Our advantages

  • Highly qualified teachers
  • More than 25 years teaching Russian
  • In-house methods and materials
  • Ongoing interaction and assistance
  • End of course certificate
  • TORFL Exam preparation course

Our goals

We offer online programs at all levels - from A1 (beginners) to C1 (advanced). Though our overall goals in language teaching depend on the student’s level of proficiency at entry, our teachers endeavor to help our students to:

  • Acquire basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in order to communicate with native speakers especially at the initial level
  • Acquire the linguistic competence necessarily required in various life situations especially at the intermediate level
  • Develop their intellectual, personal, and professional abilities especially at the advanced level
  • Get insight into Russian culture and identify the distinguishing characteristics of the Russian mentality through language learning.
  • Follow real life issues surrounding modern Russian society by focusing on its challenges and development trends

Course content

Our classes have been designed to help you develop the language skills necessary for effective and appropriate communication (depending on your level) and will include:

  • The vocabulary and grammar encountered in real-life situations
  • Examination in the setting of correct intonation and phonetic adjustment at different levels
  • A variety of audio and video materials demonstrating life and concerns in Russia today
  • Lively communication, discussions, and debates about current events

Our online teaching team

Elena Kallo
Lydmila Nezvankina
Marina Freidina Marina Freidina
Tatiana Emelyanova Tatiana Emelyanova
Elena Brovko Elena Brovko
Elena Khainova Elena Khainova
Daria Chernyh Daria Chernyh
Anastasiya Shchugoreva Anastasiya Shchugoreva

Two-week university online booster courses

In addition to our longer courses, Language Link offers a number of shorter courses throughout the year for university students. By focusing on the most problematic aspects of the Russian language, these courses are designed to help students to overcome some of the most difficult facets of the Russian language. Our next booster course is being offered over the Easter holiday.