Why Tallinn?

Tallinn offers the visitor an eclectic experience comprising the old and the new.

Welcome to old Tallinn

  • Tour a UNESCO-listed Heritage Site
  • admire one of Europe’s most complete walled cities
  • explore the Bastion Passages and its hundreds of tunnels buried beneath the city
  • walk original 13th century cobblestone streets dotted with medieval churches

Welcome to new Tallinn

  • explore the waterfront, a dynamic area offering a modern port, beachfront properties, and promenade
  • see why the New York Times has characterized Estonia as "a sort of Silicon Valley on the Baltic Sea"
  • relax at Telliskivi Creative City, a warren of shops, restaurants, bars, offices, and event spaces
  • experience a truly smart city built on accessibility, interoperability, and user-friendliness

Regardless of old or new, Tallinn is also safe, clean and environmentally friendly.

Students' experience in Tallinn

Interview with British students from "Raskolnikov" band
Source: Russian-language service of Estonian Public Broadcasting

Interview with students and our teacher Innokenty Volkomorov on ETV+
Source: Russian-language service of Estonian Public Broadcasting

Total Russian immersion experience

Though studying Russian in the heart of Tallinn provides a unique opportunity to learn or improve your Russian language skills, this experience can be compounded by living with a Russian-speaking host family during your stay. In addition to affording you the opportunity to practice your language skills, host families provide their guests with a wealth of information concerning how best to enjoy your stay in Tallinn, known to all as a gem of the Baltic. Through special arrangements with Tallinn University and its renown Russian Language Philology Department, our students have access to the university’s extensive library facilities.

Share the experience

If you would like to become part of the Language Link experience, then there are two avenues by which to do so. One of them is to open your heart and share your home.

The second is to visit with us during one of our out-of-school activities. Whether enjoying a chat and a coffee on one of our Speakeasy days, participating with us in a pub quiz, or offering to do a presentation in Russian, Language Link can find a way for you to share your story.